Business West

The Challenge

Business West are an independent business leadership organisation, helping over 18,000 businesses across the South West to grow, with support, in the UK and overseas.

They had an old Dynamics CRM 2011 system and they wanted their front end website to be integrated with the backend Dynamics CRM system. The CRM system was unintegrated for internal use only, which meant they had to manually input any data captured from their website; this was a time consuming and expensive process. Business West came to Felinesoft because of our expertise with Dynamics CRM integration, and also for our support experience.

Our Solution

Firstly, we transitioned support and management of their current CRM 2011 system from their old supplier to Felinesoft. We integrated the live website into the CRM system so that all data captured from the live website would automatically update the internal CRM system, saving the company time and money. We also provide a support contract which covers any day-to-day issues which may affect the running of Dynamics CRM as it is critical to the client that the system runs throughout business hours.

The Results

We built an MVC Rest API end-point which is integrated with the website and Dynamics CRM; this lets them renew membership and content through the website, hence the automatic data capture into Dynamics CRM.

Felinesoft took a previously manual process, and delivered a fully automated system for the client, saving time, money and allowing them the means to grow as a business.