The Challenge

Communicator are a London based design agency specialising in alcohol and drink brands, including Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort and LBD Vodka. They outsource a variety of development projects to us, including responsive HTML email campaigns, Facebook applications, websites and games. They don't have the technical in-house team to deliver the development side, and this is where we step in to provide a service. 

Our Solution

Communicator had an existing campaign for Southern Comfort already running, but they needed to develop a game as part of their Christmas promotional campaign. The game was based around a Tinder style interface, whereby the player can swipe left or right to compile a list of presents. Once the user has selected 5 presents, they can enter into a competition.

We built the game in web technologies to produce a responsive browser based game that functioned like the Tinder app on mobile, but scaled up to a full screen HD experience on tablets and desktops. The game then entered the user's data into the clients web service which was then used to select winners after the competition was closed. We also built a responsive HTML promotional email to drive traffic to the game. 

The Results

Communicator had over 17,000 interactions with the Christmas list campaign, and their email open and click through rates were the best they had ever had!