The Challenge

Consol run a network of automated walk-in spas across the UK, and have grown to over 40 spas since arriving in the UK in 1996.  They approached us to re-develop their entire shop management system, after moving on from a previous supplier. Consol wanted to improve their customers' experience with new touch screen features that would be seamlessly integrated with a central data management system.

Our Solution

Every Consol walk-in spa is fully automated and is an interactive experience, with sign-up stations where customers can register themselves via a big touchscreen. Once registered and authorised, customers interact with the spa using a kiosk application to buy services. The authorisation process was developed so that it can be run remotely via video calling and finger print scanning to ensure the person registering is over 18. Everything in the spa - the booths and the shop's front doors are all managed automatically via the walk-in spa's integrated management system.

Achieving a seamless and enjoyable experience for Consol's customers means that the integration with hardware and the testing of the interactive apps has to be of the highest quality possible.

The Results

We factored their entire solution to be cleaner, and added new functionality, which has been a successes throughout all the Consol walk-in spas. We are currently  developing an ecommerce website to run alongside their system, via which customers can purchase tanning related products through a vending machine, buy credits to use in-store, and also log into their account to view their balance.  All this will come together to provide Consol with a great solution to their fully automated system.