Direct Telecommunications

The Challenge

When Direct Telecommunications realised their paper trail was getting out of hand, with 4 copies for each job and each copy going to a different department to be entered by hand, it was time to call in the professionals to reduce their administration overheads and reduce the amount of paper used per job.

Carbon copy paper was being used to deliver information to each department, and each department would then enter the information into a different system; the accounts into Sage, order tracking into Access and maintenance call-outs into another database. This of course meant a lot of time was used up on re-entering information and then relocating it for management reporting.

Our Solution

In stepped Felinesoft with the concept of integrating the system completely into one Access database and the Sage accounting system. A totally integrated system was designed in conjunction with the accountant and the managers to produce a single system.

The Results

This integrated system resulted in only one piece of paper per job being produced, saving money just on paper alone, and no double entry. The accounts workload was reduced by 50%, and they now have the ability to report on any part of the business or their customers in an instant with up-to-the-second information.

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