Drakes Fortune

The Challenge

We were approached by Draftfcb agency about helping out on a critical project about a month before Christmas that year. With the project time line at 80% and the completed programming at only 30% they were in real danger of failing to deliver the project at all. The project involved a PS3 game which was set to go on sale for the main Christmas shopping season and was backed by a huge global marketing campaign yet the launch of the online game microsite, an integral part of the campaign, was critically delayed.

Our Solution

Felinesoft were asked to step in and take control of the development of the game microsite two weeks before the marketing campaign was due to launch. This was an unusual scenario for us as all our other development work was booked in weeks ahead and tightly project-managed. However, our development team had all the necessary skill sets to successfully complete the project and they were game for some over-time so we took on the challenge.

Completing the online game microsite required working in SQL server,, and Flash; integration with Google maps was also a key requirement. Perhaps not surprisingly given the steep learning curve we had to overcome by taking on a project half-way through, we missed the original project's deadline by three days, but most crucially we did deliver the completed project three days before the global marketing campaign launched.

The Results

Despite the last-minute nature of this project we were proud to step in and deliver what was needed. The game was marketed in 26 different countries, and the online game microsite attracted 450,000 game players in 3 months. In short, everyone was a winner!

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