ETF Securities

The Challenge

Felinesoft delivered a worldwide site for the global asset management company in multiple languages using the .net Umbraco content management system.

Our Solution

The user journey needed to locate a project and was optimised through information architecture and high site performance speed. This optimisation allows users to browse products quickly which in turn improves the site's goal conversion rates.

The ETF Securities website was localised into 8 languages, with a custom solution developed to display content depending on the language, country and investor type. Sections of the Umbraco CMS were customised to provide custom data types, editors; these custom sections were built to provide better management of news, events and documents. A search system was implemented using the ForwardSearch engine and full integration with real-time market data and prices was also provided. Further integration was developed with a custom database of products, and extensive URL rewriting to provide nice URLs was also carried out. Charts displaying market data are also available via the customised and fully integrated website.

Richard Johnson

Director, SKi Miquel Holidays

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