The Challenge is a leading UK based audio visual reseller serving B2B customers, working with Panasonic, Samsung, and countless other household names.

Their business relies on easy access to the correct data at the right time in order to sustain suitable stock levels across the business. ran on an outdated legacy system that processed end-to-end order journeys; from initial enquiry to stock purchase order management and customer delivery. The existing bespoke system was complex, and lacked the ability to reflect the company’s current user requirements.

Though some updated business requirements had been gathered over time, there was no unified view of what was needed across the system. The Felinesoft team were brought in to completely re-write and rebuild the entire system, based around new requirements.

The Solution

We started by researching and documenting existing processes to provide a robust and unified list of business and user requirements. We used this list to plan functional user journeys through the system. We then built an interactive prototype that allowed iterative user-testing, and constructed informed journeys based on user feedback.

We iteratively tested and improved these journeys, and worked closely with the team to compile and prioritise a list of features that best suited their needs and budget. By using this process, we delivered a fully streamlined, bespoke Ajax solution that improved efficiency and ensured there was no waste in terms of time or budget.

The Results

The new system has delivered great results. have seen an increase in turnover due to the ability to process more orders without any increase in resource, as well as improved efficiency to business processes. We also updated’s existing site to provide eCommerce functionality, as well as an online ordering function for resellers that fully integrates with their warehouse systems.

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