Vauxhall Style Microsite

The Challenge

Draftfcb is one of the largest global advertising agencies; London-based Draftfcb uses Felinesoft as its digital partner. Felinesoft delivered the microsite for this campaign created by Draftfcb to promote the Vauxhall range of small cars with a series of Vauxhall Style catwalk events and a competition to search for the Face of Tigra 2009.

The project involved creating the Vauxhall Style microsite and handling the email blast for the launch of the campaign. The microsite was to include the Face of Tigra competition entry form, event details, photo galleries and information about Vauxhall’s range of cars. The campaign was to be run on a very tight schedule and similar budget.

Our Solution

Having received explicit instructions from the client that the site was not to be built in Flash, the microsite was built in and JavaScript. Key requirements of the site included the carousel navigation, a video player for the client's commercial, the magazine cover feature, and the entry form along with a database of the entrants' details and photos. Tracking of all the site users' actions was also be integrated into the microsite functionality.

To get the main navigation of the site to work as a carousel we used JavaScript code, making sure that the non-linear functionality of how the client wanted the carousel to work was achieved. The magazine cover feature, which had to allow the 'Face of Tigra' competition entrants to upload a picture into a magazine cover, change the headline, preview it in a bigger size, print and send to a friend was coded in JavaScript and C#.

The Results

The competition entry form was required to capture and validate users' information, and this data was then to be sorted according to the Vauxhall Style fashion catwalk events and delivered to the client as CSV or directly loaded to an external data management system.

Though we could have easily met the requirements of the data handling according to the client's instructions, we in fact opted to deliver a superior solution at no extra cost by building an online database in Microsoft SQL.

This meant the client could easily get up-to-date information on how well their campaign was going, and view the entrants' details and photos online whenever they liked.

Thanks to the dedication and overtime worked by our developers, we managed to deliver the microsite with plenty of time to spare before the deadline, and delighted our client by exceeding the specifications at no extra charge. The Vauxhall Style campaign was a great success, with more than 1500 competition entrants via the microsite.