Felinesoft Work Experience 2018

From a young age I have always been interested in how software and websites were made and what it would be like to actually create them yourself. Which is why I decided to carry out my Year 10 work experience with the web development company Felinesoft!

Before coming to Felinesoft, if I thought of an IT workplace, I saw a stuffy room full of cubicles with secluded employees droning away at their tasks in silence. How wrong could I be! At Felinesoft there is a very open, spacious layout and everyone is always ready to help one another if they run into an issue and work together to solve their problems, even if they aren’t on the same project. This results in a very friendly, calm atmosphere and allows them all to play their part in the creation of high-quality software.

Throughout my brief stay in their office I shadowed a variety of roles , including: “Front end Developer”, “QA Engineer”, “Project Manager” and “Back end Developer” this helped me get a feel for what each role did and how they got to their position. I was particularly interested in the development side of Felinesoft as it amazed me how they managed the visuals and the server sides of such complex websites and apps.

During my last few days in the office I worked on a web app to record the results of a table tennis tournament (that we had later that week) and although I ran into a few problems along the way, I was given support when I needed it by the experienced developers who were always happy to help.

Currently I am taking GCSE Computer Science and after my stay at Felinesoft I found that I have a lot more to learn if I want to go into the software development industry. My current plan is to take computer science throughout higher education to get a better grasp of how to manage, create and navigate software as I have seen the developers at Felinesoft do; as well giving me the skills I need to be able to do my part in the creation of professional software.

In conclusion, my week of work experience with Felinesoft has been incredibly beneficial to me as it has given me a point I want to work towards and after learning how their developers got to this point, I now have the route to follow. All that’s left is for me to work hard and I hopefully will be able to become a software developer, maybe even with Felinesoft!

Rory Edmonds