"The week of work experience at Felinesoft was very informative. It was interesting seeing how all the roles of the company work together as a whole. The Consol project that you developed (including the registration kiosk that you have in the office), was fun seeing how everything worked and how the front-end connected to the back-end. Simon, Developer, was very good at explaining it. 

I did a project trying to connect a website to the cat api with django. Before this I never had any experience using an api so found it quite challenging. Sean, Junior Developer, was very good at explaining in detail why there was an error and going through the ways of fixing it. Knowing that Sean only had 3 months of working as a developer, having previously worked in hotels and just doing coding in his spare time and is now working at Felinesoft was encouraging.

Shadowing the CRM Developer’s Ieuan and Angie was like talking to someone in Spanish. They were trying to explain to me what they have to do for their role in the company, but most of the time I was left a bit confused, Angie was good at trying to unconfuse me to make me understand a bit of what was going on.

I sat in a Royal Photographic Society client sprint planning meeting. This showed me how me how much detail they go through with the client before each sprint, which shows an advantage of agile development over waterfall development. 

Sitting with Kim and Dipo, Front-end Developers, made things more visual and I could understand what was being created.

I also shadowed Marion a Business Analyst, Adam a Project Manager, Jakub a UX Designer and Lukasz QA Engineer.

Overall the week of work experience was really valuable seeing the insight of the real world work environment for software development. I would like to see myself in the future doing a job related to software development/software engineering, a lot of work is needed to be done to get there from where I am now."

Felix, future Developer @ Felinesoft

(Thank you for the donuts Felix! It was great having you here for work experience and we hope to see you back here in the future)