Macmillan offer support to millions of people affected by cancer. From the moment a person is diagnosed, through their treatment and beyond, the care they offer can be emotional, physical and financial. 

 Last year Macmillan processed over 40,000 financial grants for 37,051 people living with cancer. These grants can provide vital financial assistance to those in significant need. This money can help someone who perhaps hasn’t been able to work for several months due to their cancer. Maybe their washing machine has broken down and they can’t afford to replace it, perhaps they need a new bed because of their clinical condition. Often the grants can be sought in quite urgent circumstances where the money and therefore the relief is required quite quickly by the person living with cancer.

 For Macmillan, processing these grants had, up until now, been an entirely manual process; A Macmillan nurse would fill in an application form on behalf of the person living with cancer, this application form would be sent to Macmillan where another member of the Macmillan team would evaluate the application against a set of criteria and would determine whether to award the grant. Following on from that, depending on if the grant was processed, the information would then be fed into the Macmillan financial system which would ultimately lead to the grant being paid, via cheque, directly to the person with cancer. Whilst it is impressive to have awarded 40,000 grants in this fashion, within one year, the entire process was fraught with problems.

 Aside from filling up filing cabinets with essentially unnecessary pieces of paper, this process was time consuming and ultimately meant that there were significant time delays between when that person applied for the grant through the healthcare professional and when they might receive any funds awarded. The process could take between two and four weeks which Macmillan knew they needed to improve.

 Macmillan, who wanted to be able to give out more grants, recognised that this process needed automating and Felinesoft have been working with Macmillan to re-introduce a modern direct grants solution. A solution that leverages innovative technologies to deliver real impact for grant beneficiaries. 

 Delivery of the new solution effectively focuses on 3 elements; a new web front-end which allows the healthcare professional to complete the grant application form online, the processing of the grant into the CRM and then pushing into the finance system to make sure the grant gets paid, with a loop back to update the CRM when the money has been paid out.

 For Macmillan who rarely work with third parties, this project has been a huge success. What was a highly manual and complicated process is now, simple and purposeful; the person living with cancer can now receive their grant within days instead of having to wait weeks. 

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