Umbraco Webinar

🔸What to consider when upgrading from a legacy Umbraco CMS?
🔸Guest Host: Frederik Klerens, Partner Manager, UK & Ireland, Umbraco
🔸 February 9th 2023 | 09:30 - 10:15 | Free to attend.

Discussion points for the session:

Umbraco recently announced that support for Version 7 would be withdrawn after September 2023, leaving many organisations with concerns about what to do next. To help uncover a path forward, Felinesoft has partnered with Umbraco to host a webinar to highlight what you should consider when upgrading and migrating your content to the latest version of Umbraco!

If you are looking to migrate from a legacy version of Umbraco, are a Umbraco 7 client or have been considering Umbraco as a CMS, this could be the Webinar for you!  

Taking place on February 9th, 2023 at 9:30am BST, This 45-minute session, in partnership with Frederik Klerens, Partner Manager UK & Ireland at Umbraco will cover:





What to consider when upgrading from a legacy Umbraco CMS?
Upgrade from 7-10?
What makes a good Umbraco Partner?
Benefits of working with a Umbraco Gold Partner
Umbraco 10 as a strategic decision?
Governance, Scalability, Flexibility
Open Q&A opportunities throughout!
Please feel free to send questions or request additional topics in advance


This Session is suitable for a vast variety of attendees- So If you work in marketing, digital, or IT and are in charge of managing or working with a legacy Umbraco Content management system, please join our latest webinar via the registration page linked below! 

Venue: Microsoft Teams Webinar - Registration Link 

Should you have any questions or queries, Please don't hesitate to contact Matt