Introduction to the project.

Age UK want to make the UK a great place to grow older and they work tirelessly to achieve this. Age UK policies cover money matters, health and wellbeing care and support, safety at home and active communities.

The brief from Age UK was for their new website to be highly intuitive, usable and customisable for their users
Ralph Johnson
Managing Director, Felinesoft

The Challenge  

In April 2009 Age Concern and Help the Aged merged to form the largest UK charity working for older people. Two websites had to be merged to provide one uniform portal of information. With different branding and different content to consider, the new website required meticulous planning and analysis. Given the opportunity for Age UK to use the project to further their impact it was essential that its website incorporated interactive design features that would enhance the user experience. 

What was needed: 

The brief from Age UK was for their new website to be highly intuitive, usable and customisable for their users. The interface required simplicity for ease of use. Accessibility was a key factor, with W3C compliance being a vital component. 

What we Delivered: 

We created the first Age UK website that incorporated innovative and assistive design features. The features built into the experience allowed for both cognitive and functional differences in users. We provided a core framework to form a scalable, flexible and robust solution base on which they could build. This meant that the Age UK team could easily manage and maintain it's content internally. Utilising a Microsoft central database and content management system gave Age UK freedom and flexibility to extend in future by working with any Microsoft certified partner. This was an important factor for Age UK, who didn't want to be tied into limited supplier solutions. 

What was the impact:

Through the new website Age UK were provided with an easy to manage, scalable and accessible website solution which enabled them to push through their new agenda of becoming one brand, following on from the merger of Age Concern and Help the Aged.