Using dated technology Business West had no integration between their website and the CRM. To become a more efficient operation they came to Felinesoft so that we could integrate their systems, saving them time and money. 

The Client:  

Business West is a not-for-profit company with over 200 staff and a turnover of £10 million. They aim to make the west of England the best place to live and work. 21,000 businesses trust Business West to help them get started and to achieve growth. 

The Challenge:  

Business West had a CRM system that was not integrated with their website front-end. This meant that a lot of time was being spent manually inputting data captured from the website. The process was time consuming and expensive and Business West knew that they needed to operate much more efficiently if they were to continue offering their services to the many businesses that need them in the west of England. 

“Business West were able to remove many manual, time consuming elements from their business processes altogether”.

Ralph Johnson - Managing Director and Head of Upstream, Felinesoft 

What was needed:  

Firstly we transitioned support and management of their CRM from their old supplier. We then integrated their live website into the CRM system so that all data could be captured and then automatically update the CRM without any manual inputs. We provided Business West with a support contract to help them trouble shoot any day to day issues that might arise through running the new system and this gave them peace of mind during the transition period.  

 What we Delivered: 

We build an API which was integrated with the website and Dynamics CRM; this enabled Business West to renew memberships through the website. 

What was the impact 

Business West were able to remove many manual, time consuming elements from their business processes altogether. Felinesoft created an delivered a fully automated system, saving time, money and giving them that strong base from which they could grow.