Introduction to the project.

Due to the law introduced, in 2007, Working Status now North Row wanted an alternative software solution to help employers store relevant documents to verify employees right to work. We were able to provide a scalable Azure solution for Right to Work

The Challenge:

A new law was introduced in 2007, which required employers to verify that all potential and existing employees are eligible to work in the UK.


What was needed: 

Working Status, approached us with a view to creating software to help employers verify and store relevant documents to comply with this law, and to enable traceability.  Previously, employers were required to use their own judgement in the validation of documents such as passports and biometric residency cards, which left room for user error.


What we Delivered: 

Initially, we developed a desktop version, which utilised a Smart Scanner with infrared and ultraviolet capabilities to help check authenticity of documents.   After interfacing with the scanner, the challenge was to design a flexible system allowing checks to be applied to each document and to the combination of documents as a whole.


The next challenge was to create a mobile app version of the software.  The business logic and “execution engine” had to be encapsulated so that it could be re-used for this edition of the software.   The mobile app uses optical character recognition to read the fields of most documents and recognise the type of document being scanned.


What was the impact:

The app has been rolled out into the Android Play store, and an iPhone IOS version is currently in progress, and the desktop version is live and in widespread use. Many business are utilising the software to tackle their compliance requirements efficiently and successfully.