West Suffolk College

The Challenge 

West Suffolk College based in Bury St. Edmunds has been a client of Felinesoft since September 2013. West Suffolk College has a number of separate departments each of which target different types of students. These range from 16-19, Work Based Learning, Apprenticeships to Adult (Leisure) Learning. With this came a number of business challenges. These included:-  

·         Communicating with current and potential customers

·         Engaging with local businesses

·         Managing company and contact information centrally

·         Tracking of apprenticeship schemes

·         Production of quotes

·         Management of email campaigns

·         Ability to extract data from their current UNIT-e – student data management application.


In addition, they wished to improve the visibility of key business data by providing better management information and reporting. They wanted a system that would enable the College to manage all aspects of their day-to-day business and still utilize their existing UNIT-e database whilst producing effective marketing.  

Our Solution

These business challenges were reviewed and Felinesoft devised a solution that combined Microsoft Dynamics CRM with SharePoint, ClickDimensions and Data Sync Studio. This combination of products with some bespoke customization offers a high degree of power and flexibility, providing a system that will meet West Suffolk College’s requirements both now and in the future.

Our solution provided the following functionality to track and manage:-

·         Synchronizing data uploads from Unit-e using Data Sync Studio

·         Manage their Sales Pipeline – Manage Leads through to Orders via usage of Opportunities

·         Manage their Course bookings Process - Enquiry through to Applications and Enrolments including Invoicing of booking – using a mixture of UNIT-E, CRM, SharePoint and ClickDimensions.

·         Managing marketing of courses to various companies via the usage of ClickDimensions linked to CRM and based on leads provided by iContent

·         Management of inter-departmental referrals via a Referral Log Entry created in CRM

·         General Account Management classified into different account types – BD, WPL (Work Placed Learning) and Other

·         Management of work based / placed learning for both non-employed and apprenticeships



Management of events and related attendees using a mixture of CRM Marketing Events and ClickDimensions